Mark L Wahlbreg The Host 


Together for one year and 6 months.

Billy Cleary, Age - 26, Hometown - Atlanta, Occupation - Aspiring Actor

Mandy Lauderdale, Age - 22, Hometown - Atlanta, Occupation - Aspiring Rock Singer

Billy - Has 3 siblings. Born in Michigan. Moved to Atlanta in 1984. Has a degree in Journalism. Quit his job last summer to become an actor.

Mandy - Also has 3 siblings. Dropped out of college to pursue a career as a rock singer. 

Their Story - Dated in high school and lost touch for a while but reunited. Both live at home with their parents. ( info from show one )

Why are they on  T.I -  Mandy wanted to go on the show because men are always all over her and she "needs" to see some girls all over Billy. On her 21st birthday she kissed her ex in front of Billy. They changed their policy on dating other people a few times, and ended up with " do whatever you want, use your own discretion". ( as stated in show number one )

Did they break up - Nope, they stayed together. Billy did move to LA and Mandy stayed in Atlanta, they will have a long distance relationship.

Ytossie And Taheed Together for 5 and a half years. (Banned from the show, they have a child)

Taheed Watson, Age - 29, Hometown - Los Angels, Occupation - Actor

Ytossie Patterson, Age 35, Hometown - Los Angels, Occupation - Actress

Taheed - Only child. Raised in  New Jersey. Moved to Los Angels to go to College and study Computer Science. But dropped out to be an actor. He will be on Arrest and Trial as a gust star.

Ytossie - Has one sister, was raised  Wisconsin. Moved to Los Angels to major in art but found a job as a model and dropped out of College. Now she is an actress. 

Their Story - Met at a Super Bowl Part in 1995 at Taheed's fathers house. One year ago Taheed proposed but they had a fight and put the marriage on hold. That's when Taheed cheated. And she lost her trust in him. He says it was only one time. They do not live together. Which he said makes the relationship harder. ( info from show one and five )

Why are they on T.I - Taheed  wanted to prove that he could be trusted and wanted to the whole world the he loves her. The Rules, well according to Ytossie she did not need any rules but Taheed set some for himself, no kissing and no hand holding. According to Taheed, they were going to leave some room for freedom but not embarrass each other on national TV so no sex. ( info from show one and five )

Did they break up - Taheed shocked the world when he said he wants to spend the rest of his life with Ytossie, and she agreed. They will go to counseling. 



Kaya and Valerie Together for one year and six months

Kaya Wittenberg, Age - 28, Hometown - Miami Beach Florida, Occupation - Model 

Valerie Penso, Age - 30, Hometown - Miami Beach Florida, Occupation - Real Estate Agent

Kaya - Only child. Born in Wisconsin.  Went to University to study psychology, but dropped out to be a model.

Valerie - Has two siblings. Grew up in  Florida. Attended College and studied nutrition. She is a fitness fanatic, takes 35 vitamins a day. As we see in show number 5 !

Their Story - Met at a party in Miami Beach condo in 1999. One day after Kaya ended a relationship with someone else. Val seen him before with his girlfriend. After the party he went back to her house and never left. In the fist show he says how he never had a chance to be single. 

Why are they on  T.I - Kaya's friend told him about the show, and he told Valerie, and she agreed to go  and he. He got very sick on the way to Belize. As for rules they decided they were free to do as they please. ( info show number one )

Did they break up - Nope, Kaya told Val how this experience will make him a better man for her. They went home on locked themselves in their condo for 6 days so they can re-connect.

Shannon And Andy  Together for 5 years

Andy Luker, Age 26, Hometown - Malibu California, Occupation - Owner of Pacific Coast Kayaking

Shannon Roghair, Age 27, Hometown - Malibu California, Occupation - Lawyer

Andy - Has two siblings, grew up in Orange County California. Has a degree in environmental studies. He hopes expand his company to Belize. Even asked Elizabeth to join him. 

Shannon - Has two siblings and also grew up in Orange County California. Has a law degree. Would like to become a travel writer.

Their Story - They met through a mutual friend. Three years into the relationship Shannon moved in with Andy, while studying for her bar exam. In show one they informed us they were best friends before they were a couple.

Why are they on TI - They wanted to go on the show because they like adventure and like to travel, also they don't mind taking separate vacations.  As for rules Andy said Shannon made them up. She said "anything above the waist is ok". Andy in all the shows seems to be worried the most about the emotional connections Shannon will make. ( info from show number one )

Did they break up - Nope, Shannon told Andy how she loved him for the day she walked into his dorm. 10 minutes after the bonfire Andy asked Shannon to marry him and she said YES.